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Ring Sizing Guide

Please refer to the chart and instructions below to find out your ring size.


Our craftsmen use Hong Kong ring sizes seen in the row on the furthest right.

Note: Thick bands may fit a half to one size larger than thin bands. The best time to measure your finger is the end of the day when your fingers may be a little bigger, and at normal temperature. Measure the finger on the hand you wish to wear it. Fingers can be different sizes on different hands.

Option 1:
If you know you ring size in the British (1987), American, ISO, EU or Japanese systems you can directly cross reference to Hong Kong sizes (Last column) directly on the conversion chart.

Option 2:
You have a ring that fits the finger you wish to wear the ring on.
Measure the inner diameter of the ring with a ruler.  Then cross reference from column 1 (Inner diameter in mm) or column 2 (inner diameter in inches) to the equivalent Hong Kong ring size (Last column). Note that rings can become off round after wearing for some time, if so measure in different directions and average the measurement.

Option 3:
You don't have a sample ring that fits the finger on which you wish to wear.
(a) Check if a friend has a suitable ring size, then go to option 2.
(b) Find anything with a round hole in the house, like a key ring or circle template (for drawing circles) that fits the desired finger and go to Option 2.

Option 4:
Go to your local jeweller and have your ring size checked.

Note: There are lots of methods described on the internet using floss, thread or a thin strip of paper wrapped around your finger. These methods are not very accurate.

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