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Bringing you the world's

finest gems.


Stunning precious gemstones define our luxury collection.


We painstakingly pick the most unavailable gems for one reason only: for you to have what no one else in the world will ever have.


The Rebel — a collection that breaks all the rules.

You learn the rules, only to break them. You are daring, reckless, and a troublemaker by nature. That's what makes you so captivating.


Create Your Own Unique Style Story

Select from over 100 diamond pendant and earring clips, jackets, ties and gemstones.

Check out the below lookbooks to see how it works.

model with Amee Philips aquamarine chandelier earrings.
Model with beautiful Amee Philips pink earrings
Model with Amee Philips chandelier Rubellite earrings
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