Rare gemstones have a fire and life of their own

Our bespoke luxury collections are inspired by the beauty of rare gemstones.  Shape, colour and their interaction with each other define our design process when creating these exquisite one-of-a-kind creations.

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur Collection is reserved only for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Empress' Treasures

Jadeite takes centre stage in the Empress' Treasures Collection with uniquely crafted iconic pieces.

Red Carpet

Our Red Carpet Collection puts you firmly in the spotlight with stunning statement pieces.

Forget Me Not

   The delicate Forget Me Not Collection designed around 5 delicate heart-shaped petals symbolises everlasting love.


Like the mythological bird that rises from the flames, the Phoenix Collection features fiery rubies, rubelites and diamonds.


The Nyonya Collection is inspired by the intricacy of the traditional Nyonya jewellery, with a modern twist.


The Rebel — a collection that breaks all the rules.

You learn the rules, only to break them. You are daring, reckless, and a troublemaker by nature. That's what makes you so captivating.


The Conqueror Collection is for the bold, fearless and unrelenting.  Each piece is a tribute to your success.

60 Shades

The 60 Shades Collection celebrates your personality through colourful and elegant designs that exude sophisticated elegance.


The Bamboo Collection is inspired by Zhú, a symbol of traditional Chinese values that reflect moral integrity, modesty, and loyalty.

Shine Bright

Perfect statement pieces, the Shine Bright Collection

 is designed with nature's white beauty from the ground, White Zircon and Danburite.


Amee Philips has a talented team of designers and artisan craftmen to help you create exclusive jewellery custom made just for you. 

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