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All About Amee

Born in Penang, her fascination with all that glitters began when she moved to Europe in the early ’80s. Amee, who has a natural talent for colour and cut, honed her skills in Europe’s century-old gemstone capital, Idar Oberstein.

Amee Philips’ designs are an embodiment of classical, contemporary European and multicultural influences fused together into unique pieces of wearable art.

Her creations begin with stones rather than sketches. “I choose gems for their individual beauty,” she explains, “I start by laying them out to see how the shapes and colours interact and work together – I explore and experiment their relationship with each other – before sketching a design.”

It is this talent for bringing stones to life, that has won Amee a loyal following, a string of awards and partnerships with international designers.

What really matters to Amee is how wearing her designs makes people feel. “I want to create jewellery that comes to life when you wear it,” she says. “Pieces which are exciting to wear today, and which are timeless beyond fleeting fashion trends – just like the gems themselves.”

Meet the Team​

Amee  serious in the shop.jpg

Amee Philips


Founder Amee is a gemstone purist with an unwavering commitment to bring you the best natural gemstones that take centre stage in her jewellery designs. 

2018 May ball.jpg

Drew Philips


Drew, the supportive one, who brings a romantic, generous, relaxed Irish vibe into the culture of the business.

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Richard Latsch Philips

Executive Director

Rich, the dynamic one, researching behind the scenes as much as promoting front of house with his in-depth knowledge of gemstones, keen eye for fashion and affable personality.

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